Style for Your Senior Photos

Senior Pictures are a BIG DEAL! Ask any teen from the midwest and they know someone who’s had killer senior photos taken.  The trend for senior sessions the last few years has been an “editorial” style. If you’re wondering what that means, just open any fashion magazine and there’s your answer.  Nope, you won’t see the black drape and pearl necklace circa 1986.  Especially for the gals- they want it ALL! They want “boho” that “Free People” style and then some. One location, nah, that’s never enough. One outfit- “are you kidding me”?  Today’s senior photo shoots are an EXPERIENCE (at least with Hill Photo) and it’s memorable- and you are special! Think model for a day.

So as you plan for your shoot be sure to send me your clothing choices and questions and ideas. Occasionally what looks good in the mirror just doesn’t photograph well.  Book time for your hair and makeup and please, please don’t show up with chipped nail polish! I’m here to help from beginning to end!

Your session is a reflection of you. So if you like ripped jeans, wear them. If plaid checkered skirts are your fave, then wear it! Check out Pinterest and your favorite style blogs and magazines for style ideas. They’re all over the place!!

See you soon!

xoxo Hill

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Best Beauty Info…

Last year my makeup artist, Ally, was just beginning her journey as a freelance artist.  This year she has a website/blog and she’s off and running!  Her knowledge of brands, application and artistry is astounding.  Her skills as an artist will bring your best you forward.  Consider following her blog and even booking her for your senior photos or for any occasion where you must look TOP NOTCH!!

And yes, she is my daughter (I guess you could say she gets it from her momma)

Check her out! Aleigh Beauty and follow her blog for the most up to date info on makeup trends and new products.

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