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They’re Having a Baby

This adorable couple wanted to take photos in the location where they met and also took their wedding photos. After getting a bit lost, I found my way to Hudson Springs Park. The day was cloudy – but that works well for photos – it’s nature’s giant diffuser. I had so much fun – I could have spent the day with them – but they had places to go and people to see. Their baby is due in July – stay tuned to the blog and see whether it’s a girl or a boy!!


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Meet Karis. Everyone told Karis’ mom, “She’s so cute, she should model.” The black and white photo above was actually taken on a whim – I happened to be at a high school basketball game and I, too, thought she was so precious that I asked her mom if I could snap a couple of shots. Well, Karis came to me for a photo shoot (several actually) and boy did we have fun! Karis was only one at this photo shoot – but guess what? She got a job and you can see her on the box of Little Tykes products!  Stay tuned…we’re ready to update her portfolio!

First Communion

Adrianna arrived with both her mom and dad.  She came dressed, hair done and ready to smile for her photo shoot.  This was only the third shoot I’ve done for a Communion.  Adrianna’s mom was a great assistant and positioned the rosary just right, which was so helpful. Since we cruised through the studio shoot we decided to head to one of my favorite sites, a grassy field. I love the ease of a studio session – but there’s just nothing quite like natural light.  I know Adrianna’s mom really liked the studio shots, but she loved the outdoor shots.  One of the perks to my sessions can be an add on video with live footage added in. Take a peek.


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Senior, Megan, May 16, 2013

Megan sent me the nicest email asking if I had any time for a shoot.  She had seen my work and was so excited when I said we could schedule.  Megan loves to have her picture taken and it shows in the photos.  We ran around Chagrin Falls looking for new spots and we did find a few!  After taking a boatload of shots it was really bugging me that she resembled someone, but who?  And then it came to me, I told her she reminded me of Jennifer Garner.

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The Gross Family, February 2013

Tera called me one day to let me know her hubby would soon be heading for active duty in Dubai.  The question – Did I have time for a family photo?  Of course I did!  Cutest little boys showed up dressed like little teenagers.  Now when you look at the three boys you might think they’re triplets, but they’re not.  They’re each a year apart.  We had a great time and at the end of the shoot – they got to visit the “good behavior candy drawer.”  Can’t wait to take their family photo next year!


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