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Style for Your Senior Photos

Senior Pictures are a BIG DEAL! Ask any teen from the midwest and they know someone who’s had killer senior photos taken.  The trend for senior sessions the last few years has been an “editorial” style. If you’re wondering what that means, just open any fashion magazine and there’s your answer.  Nope, you won’t see the black drape and pearl necklace circa 1986.  Especially for the gals- they want it ALL! They want “boho” that “Free People” style and then some. One location, nah, that’s never enough. One outfit- “are you kidding me”?  Today’s senior photo shoots are an EXPERIENCE (at least with Hill Photo) and it’s memorable- and you are special! Think model for a day.

So as you plan for your shoot be sure to send me your clothing choices and questions and ideas. Occasionally what looks good in the mirror just doesn’t photograph well.  Book time for your hair and makeup and please, please don’t show up with chipped nail polish! I’m here to help from beginning to end!

Your session is a reflection of you. So if you like ripped jeans, wear them. If plaid checkered skirts are your fave, then wear it! Check out Pinterest and your favorite style blogs and magazines for style ideas. They’re all over the place!!

See you soon!

xoxo Hill

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Best Beauty Info…

Last year my makeup artist, Ally, was just beginning her journey as a freelance artist.  This year she has a website/blog and she’s off and running!  Her knowledge of brands, application and artistry is astounding.  Her skills as an artist will bring your best you forward.  Consider following her blog and even booking her for your senior photos or for any occasion where you must look TOP NOTCH!!

And yes, she is my daughter (I guess you could say she gets it from her momma)

Check her out! Aleigh Beauty and follow her blog for the most up to date info on makeup trends and new products.

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Save on Style at Winds of Change & Gypsy Sole

Well I’m super excited to announce the collaboration with Winds of Change & Gypsy Sole.  Not only does Angela know how to merchandise, she knows how to buy the most up-to-date and fashionable styles.  If you’re in a style rut or you just need some new great pieces, this is the place for you.

In the years that I’ve been shooting senior photos, styles have changed a bit and all clothing options are not created equal for all shapes and sizes.  Angela will help you look your best.  You might just need a few cute tops or a cute statement jacket or just some cute accessories or shoes- you’ll find something there I’m sure!

When you book with me we’ll also do a style consultation via FaceTime or Skype and discuss your looks and options and gear up for the big day. And on the day of your shoot I’ll pose you, we’ll laugh and listen to music and you will leave feeling like a super model! A day to remember for sure!!!

If you’re reading my blog then chances are you’re considering working with me.  SO  book your senior session and I’ll be happy to send you a one time use code for $50 off your $200 purchase at WOC and Gypsy.  All you have to do is schedule your session with me by making a 25% deposit and I’ll send you your code.  Then just schedule a shopping day with Angela or one of her stylists and you’re off to fashionable photos!


Winds of Change is in Hudson and Chagrin Falls and Gypsy Sole is in Chagrin Falls. You can call and schedule your appointment in chagrin at : 440.247.2420 or in Hudson at: 330.653.8033

Talk soon!

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Kyle, Beachwood Golf Team

Wow, what a beautiful night! After a sweltering day topping out at about 93 degrees, our evening shoot was filled with cooler air and a slight breeze.  Kyle plays on the Beachwood golf team and we were able to catch some great cloud shots at scenic Barrington Golf Club.  What a great smile to match the awesome evening backdrop.  Good luck Kyle on your golf season!

Kyle, Beachwood Golf Team2016-07-15T09:30:14-04:00

Senior, Madison rides at Cleveland Metropark Polo Fields

Madison has been riding for years.  For her senior session we’ll be visiting her barn to take some casual photos with her horse.  But today, we were able to capture her riding in a show where she placed 4th! Congratulations Madison! I’m so happy to have captured some shots of  you in action!  Stay tuned for part two of Madison’s photo shoot coming soon….

Senior, Madison rides at Cleveland Metropark Polo Fields2016-07-15T09:07:02-04:00

Photo shoot for High school seniors behind the scenes with Hilliary Photography

Welcome to the summer of 2016!  My busy season is just about to begin!  I needed a few weeks to recover from a busy year of photo shoots and editing!  Summer dates are filling so quickly! Maybe it’s because the kids know just how much fun our shoots are and how great the final products will be!  The video linked here is a look at some typical shoots.  Not everyone is comfortable in front of the camera, I know I’m not! Hence why I am the person behind the lens!  But as you’ll see, I help you feel your very best by giving you posing techniques and style assistance.  Looking forward to another great year! I hope to keep this blog updated…in my spare time 😉  Give me a call if you need to schedule! 216-236-4488.



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Why I love what I do…

Here it is 6 years into my life as a business owner and I’m happy to report that I continue LOVE what I do. I sometimes struggle try to find balance between family time and work time. It’s not always easy but having the support of my husband and my children certainly helps. The occasional “you didn’t make dinner?” or “I don’t have any clean clothes” comments can throw me off into a self induced guiltfest, but it’s usually short lived and it reminds me to once again prioritize.

I’m a pleaser. I wear A LOT of hats. Did I say I love what I do? While I’m not a perfectionist in my every day life, I do strive to be the best photographer I can be. I’m not punctual. I forget to wear my apple watch (so it can alert me it’s time to be somewhere) but I take really good photos. I will capture the personality of the person in front of me. I will make them laugh and smile even when they don’t think they’re going to enjoy themselves. I’ll shoot until I know I’m satisfied with the session- even if that means going into “overtime”.

I’m passionate about my craft and lucky to call this work. As I prepare my own children for college and the real world –  I keep in mind the passion quotient. Remember the quote “if you build it they will come”? Well the same holds true for passion.  If you are passionate about what you do – you will excel and eventually someone will pay you for your talent.  I was a journalism major.  There are probably too many commas in this and run on sentences and so on.  I always wanted to be a photographer…..Just sayin’

So where was I? Oh yes, why I love what I do. So this handwritten, unsolicited thank you note arrived in the mail yesterday. I’ve put it together with a beautiful photo of Kayla.

Thanks for reading and I hope to write more often.

Passionately yours,


Why I love what I do…2017-01-01T17:31:10-05:00

Ready or not- the class of 2016 are rising seniors!

Summer has begun and the seniors are keeping me super busy already!  These kids are so much fun to work with- Avery, she was the first of the season and what fun it was to shoot her pics since I’ve known her since she was a baby!  Next comes Lucy, we had a rather rainy day but that didn’t stop her supermodel self from shining through!  Then there was Brandon.  Brandon came with his mom and sister in tow- they were way more excited than he was- but never fear we got great shots from this handsome guy. And last for this post is Kayla.  I loved her clothing choices as they were all that flowy “boho” look that I love- she even wears a choker like I love to wear.  Great beginning to this years seniors!

Ready or not- the class of 2016 are rising seniors!2015-06-25T18:22:52-04:00

Mia! Solon Class of ’15

Mia is a superstar on the volleyball court and a may as well be a supermodel on her off days.  We had a chilly day in April to make things happen- a little late in the year but we got it done!  Thanks to Melanie, Mia’s mom for being a great “behind the scenes photographer” and reflector holder extraordinaire!  Mia will be playing college volleyball and I can’t wait to hear about all of her successes.  Thanks Mia for letting me wrap you in a volleyball net 🙂

Good luck in the fall!

Mia! Solon Class of ’152015-06-12T12:31:22-04:00

Brett- Solon High ’15

Brett wanted to do something a little different- and his choice was to venture down to the Cleveland Art Museum.  What a great day with Brett and his mom and  his girlfriend Sam along for the shoot.  Don’t tell anyone, but Brett got this idea from his girlfriend Sam.  In fact, she has some very similar shots from when she was a senior.  (disclaimer, I was not her photographer) 🙂   Here’s just a few on FLIPAGRAM

Brett- Solon High ’152014-07-20T09:08:17-04:00