Here it is 6 years into my life as a business owner and I’m happy to report that I continue LOVE what I do. I sometimes struggle try to find balance between family time and work time. It’s not always easy but having the support of my husband and my children certainly helps. The occasional “you didn’t make dinner?” or “I don’t have any clean clothes” comments can throw me off into a self induced guiltfest, but it’s usually short lived and it reminds me to once again prioritize.

I’m a pleaser. I wear A LOT of hats. Did I say I love what I do? While I’m not a perfectionist in my every day life, I do strive to be the best photographer I can be. I’m not punctual. I forget to wear my apple watch (so it can alert me it’s time to be somewhere) but I take really good photos. I will capture the personality of the person in front of me. I will make them laugh and smile even when they don’t think they’re going to enjoy themselves. I’ll shoot until I know I’m satisfied with the session- even if that means going into “overtime”.

I’m passionate about my craft and lucky to call this work. As I prepare my own children for college and the real world –  I keep in mind the passion quotient. Remember the quote “if you build it they will come”? Well the same holds true for passion.  If you are passionate about what you do – you will excel and eventually someone will pay you for your talent.  I was a journalism major.  There are probably too many commas in this and run on sentences and so on.  I always wanted to be a photographer…..Just sayin’

So where was I? Oh yes, why I love what I do. So this handwritten, unsolicited thank you note arrived in the mail yesterday. I’ve put it together with a beautiful photo of Kayla.

Thanks for reading and I hope to write more often.

Passionately yours,