I don’t really use spokesmodels even though it’s standard in this industry.  However, this year my daughter Sam is a senior and so I’ve been spending a little extra time on shoots with her – after all- we both benefit!  Don’t be mistaken, she looks all smiles because we did her shoots over several different days because she and I both could only go for so long.  I can’t even imagine the price tag I would put on the amount of hours we’ve spent on these!   I’m sharing this so you understand that these photos really are “spokesmodel” photos too as they’re meant to show you a little bit about what Hilliary Photography has to offer.  Do I have a big luxurious studio? NO!  Do the pictures look like I do?  I think YES!  Sure I have limitations given the space, but we make it work!  Have a look!  Thank you to my beautiful daughter and “spokesmodel” Samantha!