Jake was not looking forward to taking his senior pictures- most of the “guys” don’t- so that’s okay by me.  I always try to make it fun so it’s just not as painful as they might imagine.  The funny thing is- Jake was doing great- until we got close to being finished- he was getting a little “salty”.  I could shoot all day long- the ideas are always flowing through my head- but I squeezed out a few last photos and they’re awesome.   Jake even said he “liked them all”.  And for a kid who didn’t want to get his picture taken- he was really anxious to see them all!  In fact he immediately chose the camouflage one as his favorite.  I have to give props to my husband who reminded me that  Jake had quite the sneaker collection.  Here you see about 30 of his favorites- not enough laundry baskets to bring them all!  Thanks to his mom for helping to pull that off! 🙂  Thanks Jake- you did a great job!